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Skyscraper Vs Chymbombo's Place: Which Is Better For Your Cat

There are countless possibilities when it comes to giving our feline friends the purrfect home. But amongskyscraper-vs-chymbombo-s-place-which-is-better-for-your-cat the many options, the Skyscraper and Chymbombo's Place stand out as rivals in the category of feline tall luxury. These lavish homes, which are made especially for playful cats, are a climbing, resting, and exploring paradise. However, the ultimate question remains: which of these towering structures truly reigns supreme in the eyes of our discerning whiskered friends? In this article, we go on a comparison voyage to see which tower is the best home for our cherished cats—the Skyscraper or Chymbombo's Place.

Skyscraper - 7 ft tall

skyscraper in calgary

Here’s all the minor and major details related to 7 ft tall skyscraper:

  • The Skyscraper is the tallest model we offer, standing at an impressive height of almost 7 feet, providing cats with a grand and commanding view of their surroundings.

  • It features a large box on top, serving as a spacious and cozy retreat for cats to relax, nap, and observe their environment from an elevated position.

  • The cat tower is constructed entirely with solid wood, ensuring durability, stability, and a long-lasting structure that can withstand the energetic antics of playful cats.

  • To enhance comfort and provide a soft surface, the Skyscraper is covered with high-quality materials, ensuring a cozy and inviting environment for cats to rest and play.

  • The cat tower comes standard with a 3 feet vertical post covered with standard jute cord, ideal for scratching and keeping your cat's claws in great condition. Alternatively, a stronger sisal rope can be chosen.

  • The materials used in the construction of the Skyscraper prioritize the safety and well-being of cats, ensuring they have a secure and enjoyable experience.

  • The Skyscraper is designed to cater to the natural instincts of cats, offering them an opportunity to climb, explore, and exercise their agility.

  • Its impressive height and spacious box on top make the Skyscraper an excellent choice for cats who enjoy a sense of adventure and a lofty vantage point.

  • With the Skyscraper, cat owners can provide their feline companions with a luxurious and enriching experience, combining comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in one remarkable cat tower.

Chymbombo's Place

Chymbombo's Place

Here’s all the minor and major details related to Chymbombo's Place:

  • This luxurious and comfortable model stands at an impressive height of 6 feet, providing ample space for cats to explore, rest, and play.

  • It features multiple resting areas throughout, ensuring that your feline friend can find the perfect spot to relax or observe their surroundings.

  • The model offers a slight climbing challenge to reach the comfortable and desired top bed, adding an element of excitement and exercise for your cat.

  • There are two versions available: Version A features a small top platform on the outside, providing a more challenging climbing experience, while Version B offers the small platform on the inside, making it easier for cats to reach the top.

  • The cat tower comes standard with a 3 feet vertical post covered with standard jute cord, ideal for scratching and keeping your cat's claws in great condition. Alternatively, a stronger sisal rope can be chosen.

  • It is constructed with durable materials such as wood, typically 2x4 and OSB and/or plywood, ensuring stability and longevity. The entire structure is covered with real carpet, adding a plush and comfortable surface for your cat to enjoy.

  • Extra reinforcement is incorporated into the design, guaranteeing the model's strength and stability even during vigorous play sessions.

  • This model is recommended for cats who love to climb and engage in playful activities, providing them with a stimulating environment.

  • The inspiration for this model came from our beloved kitten Chymbombo, who served as the muse and source of inspiration for our company. We express our gratitude to Chyimbombo for inspiring such a remarkable cat tower design.

And the winner is…..

In conclusion, any cat's decision between a skyscraper and Chymbombo's Place ultimately depends on the cat's personality, needs, and preferences. Skyscrapers provide a sense of adventure and vertical exploration because of their unmatched height and panoramic views. Chymbombo's Place, on the other hand, provides a warm and personal setting with lots of crevices for a cat to curl up and unwind.

The ideal option ultimately relies on whether your kitty friend prefers that comfy top bed, or if it appreciates the comfort and solitude of a hidding box. Nonetheless, both environments will result in a comfortable and happy cat if you take into account their distinct personalities and place the cat tower in a location that suits their preferences.

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