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Cat Condo

Cat Condo

PriceFrom C$250.00

The ideal Cat condo for your feline herd!

With a height of almost 5 feet tall, a top bed, a cat house and several lounging areas this cat condo offers lots of space for all your furry babies. It comes standard with a top bed, a vertical scratching post covered with jute cord or stronger sisal rope for an additional $15, a hanging ball, a playing grass area, and a bow. A second top bed, more rope or more height can be added for an additional fee of $30 each. Also, we are now offering the XL Version which comes with 2 beds that are 18x18" in the inside and a very large 20x14x14" box, ideal for very large cats and large breeds, and going for an additional $100.


The footprint is approximately 2x3 feet wide, and since it is made with wood, usually 2x4 and OSB and/or plywood and covered with real carpet, it won't move even when your large friends are enjoying it at its fullest!


Recommended for 2 to 4 cats of any size

  • Colour

    Colour availability: It will be made with real carpet! We will use our current available colour(s). Check the colour of the week at the end of the Shop page.

  • Rope options

    Rope availability: Choose between our standard and free 1/8” (0.3 cms) diameter jute rope, or our premium ¼” (0.6 cms) diameter sisal rope for extra $15.

We are slowly but surely growing!

Options to ORDER AND PAY:


Once the order is finalized, we will require approximately 10 business days to get your Cat Tree ready for you! We will contact you then.

or email us to pay with e-transfer:

1- e-transfer to

2- Most Credit/Debit cards - When you come to our showroom
or call us directly (587 585 7783)

3- Pay-pal payment to

4- Good old CASH! - When you pick up one of our in-stock models at our store

We will ask for 50% deposit for most models when ordered via email

Prices are subject to Alberta taxes.


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